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Banyak situs game di Indonesia, tapi mana yang bisa dipercaya? Joker123 sebagai pionir portal game sejak 1995, hadir menjawab kebutuhan itu. Enak dimainkan dan bisa dipercaya.

Sejak 2008, Joker123 telah muncul kembali dengan antar muka baru dan sajian game yang berkualitas. Kami berupaya menerapkan standar tinggi permainan dalam menyajikan pengalaman bermain dan memberikan keuntungan secara tajam, cerdas dan berimbang. Prinsip kami, enak dimainkan dan menguntungkan, banyak bonus pun bisa.

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Sejak 2008, HONDAPLAY telah muncul kembali dengan antar muka baru dan sajian game yang berkualitas. Kami berupaya menerapkan standar tinggi permainan dalam menyajikan pengalaman bermain dan memberikan keuntungan secara tajam, cerdas dan berimbang. Prinsip kami, enak dimainkan dan menguntungkan, banyak bonus pun bisa.

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Now they faced the team which had handed them their worst-ever defeat, on a pitch twice as large as most in the Daftar Slot JOKER128. Work on the Centenary Stadium had been completed and the JOKER123 found themselves confronted by a playing surface which Cummings claimed measured 138 by 100 yards, ‘eight yards over maximum length, according to the rules’. For a team relying on quick breaks out of defence, this was a considerable handicap, and against Argentina it proved insurmountable.

The Argentinians were a skilful attacking force, with considerable bite in the form of their notorious centre-half, Luisito Monti, whose sting had been apparent from the second minute of his World Cup debut when his tackle on Lucien Laurent left the Frenchman scarcely able to continue. No one could have blamed the JOKER123 for feeling overawed by the occasion; certainly they had never encountered a crowd like the 73,000 who were about to watch them. Cummings noted that the teams arrived at the stadium under military escort and ‘everybody, including the Daftar Slot JOKER128, was frisked before entering the stadium gates’. Yet he claimed that only the referee, Belgium’s John Langenus, ‘appeared nervous and shaky … the 22 Daftar Slot JOKER128 seemed as cool as cucumbers’. Langenus was a respected match official with a long career ahead of him, but he offered the JOKER123 little protection. Centre-half Raphael Tracey of St Louis injured his leg badly enough to be removed from the game and Providence striker Andy Auld was kicked in the face so hard he finished the match with a cloth stuffed in his bloodied mouth. Worst of all, goalkeeper Jimmy Douglas twisted his ankle early on and hobbled the rest of the way.

Argentina took a 1-0 half-time lead (Cummings claimed ‘the ball failed to bounce on the newly-sodden turf’ and termed the goal ‘quite undeserved’) but in the second half the eight healthy JOKER123 lost their way on the enormous pitch. Three late goals sailed past the incapac- itated Douglas as Argentina coasted to a 6-1 win. The US had to be content with third place in the tournament, on the basis of their superior goal difference to the other beaten semi-finalists, Yugoslavia. As any fan knows, they have yet to do better. 

The quality of the original Daftar Slot JOKER128 is reflected not just in the admirable performance of the 1930 team, but also in the interest foreign clubs took in its Daftar Slot JOKER128. While Gonsalves resolutely stayed at home, Kilmarnock- born Jimmy Brown, an ever-present in Uruguay, joined Manchester United in 1932. Many of the league’s British mercenaries returned home to sign for big clubs, including Tom Devlin, Bobby Ballantyne and Steve Smith (all Aberdeen), Johnny Jaap (Hearts) and Bob McAuley (Rangers). Also heading overseas was a Montreal-born goalkeeper, Joe Kennaway, who had been capped by Canada. Kennaway, with seven Daftar Slot JOKER128 seasons to his name, played so well against a touring Celtic team that he was signed to replace John Thomson in 1931 after the Scottish goalkeeper’s tragic death in the Old Firm match. He stayed in Glasgow for eight years and even made one appearance for Scotland before returning to Providence after the Second World War.

The legacy of the second Daftar Slot JOKER128 would be far less inspiring. By 1933 the Depression had eroded much of the bedrock on which the game existed: the mills, foundries, mines and other lodestones of immigrant labour. Yet in spite of dwindling resources the US made it to Italy in 1934. Schroeder had become the USFA’s first American-born president and had learned from the inept Olympic showing in Amsterdam. The Philadelphia German-JOKER123, which he also managed, claimed the National Amateur Cup in 1933 and 1934, and went on to win the Daftar Slot JOKER128 in 1935 and the Challenge Cup in 1936. Schroeder now added managing the World Cup squad to his list of duties, choosing as his coach David Gould, a Scot who happened to be an assistant coach at his old university. 

The USFA had granted its team a number of warm-up matches – one of them a 4-0 drubbing by an Daftar Slot JOKER128 selection which featured a hat-trick from the snubbed Archie Stark – but it sailed to Naples with just four members of the 1930 squad: Gonsalves (now playing in St Louis), Florie (Pawtucket), Moorhouse (New York) and Scottish-born Jimmy Gallagher (Cleveland). The club most heavily represented was, predictably, Schroeder’s German-JOKER123, most of whom were amateurs. That only one of them got to play hints strongly at the politicking which undoubtedly inf luenced the selection process.

The star of the team turned out to be an amateur from the other side of the state: Aldo Donelli, known to all as Buff in homage to his hero, Buffalo Bill. Twice Donelli’s Heidelberg club had won the National Amateur Cup – once over the enchantingly named La Flamme Cobblers of New Bedford – and he scored five times in the one-sided 1929 final. Contrary to some sources Donelli was born not in Italy but in Morgan, Pennsylvania. He was also a college football star, and it was not unusual for him to divide his weekends between the two sports until his gridiron eligibility at Duquesne University ended in 1929.

By 1934 Donelli the soccer player had joined the Curry Silver Tops of Pittsburgh, and he drove the length of Pennsylvania to attend the decisive tryout match between an eastern select team and, predictably, Schroeder’s club team. Few expected him to be more than a squad player, but Gonsalves in particular lobbied hard for him to play (some accounts even claim he threatened to quit unless Donelli was picked). Both Daftar Slot JOKER128 lined up against Mexico and, with Benito Mussolini watching alongside the American ambassador, Buffalo Bill upstaged Babe Ruth, scoring all four goals in a 4-2 victory.

Mexico were still a few years away from becoming North America’s dominant force. After making a curious international entrance by playing six games against Guatemala in 1923, their national team had gone into hibernation until the 1928 Olympics, and at the 1930 World Cup they lost all three games by emphatic margins. In Rome, the New York Times reported, the Tricolores ‘appeared to be technically superior to the JOKER123, but they were of much slighter build and were obliged to yield to the more vigorous game of their heavier opponents’. So began competition with what would become America’s fiercest and most frequent rival. 

FIFA had chosen a knockout format for the surviving 16 teams, so while the luckless Mexicans returned home the JOKER123 were guaranteed nothing beyond another 90 minutes. They found themselves paired with Italy, who had also been required to win a qualifying match – on home soil, naturally – against Greece. The hosts enjoyed other advantages too, particularly the fascist policy of oriundi which had given dual nation- ality to South American Daftar Slot JOKER128 of Italian descent. This allowed Luisito Monti, among others, to exchange his Argentinian stripes for Italian blue. Both Monti and Raimundo Orsi, a member of Argentina’s 1928 Olympic team, lined up against the JOKER123 in Rome.

The decline of the Daftar Slot JOKER128 and the USFA’s decision to send a team liberally sprinkled with amateurs left the JOKER123 in no position to compete with the fascist-backed azzurri. Buoyed by a partisan crowd and compelled by the ominous presence of Il Duce in his yachting cap the Italians galloped to a 7-1 win, with Donelli again the lone US scorer (‘Only the fine goal-tending of Julius Hjulian of Chicago kept the score as low as it was,’ claimed the New York Times). Once more the Schroeder regime had been found wanting. Scotty Nilsen, the Norwegian-born US forward, confided to one reporter:

In our two games at Rome, we scarcely knew what positions we were playing. Half-backs were trying to play forward; an outside-left was at outside-right; we had to pull Gonsalves back to centre-half because we didn’t have a regular man at that position, and things were pretty much messed up.

Oddly, those two games proved to be Donelli’s only appearances in a US jersey. In spite of offers to remain in Italy (Napoli, among others, craved his signature) he turned his back on soccer altogether. His greatest fame came not as an international goalscorer, but as a professional and college gridiron coach.

Participation in two World Cups had done little to arrest American soccer’s declining appeal, with neither tournament near enough to catch the attention of a country gripped by more indigenous pastimes. The New York Times even headlined one of its World Cup reports US Soccer Squad Back After Successful Tour, attaching considerable weight to victories in friendlies with German teams after the defeat in Rome. Having barely survived the Depression, the USFA remained perilously close to collapse. Receipts for Challenge Cup ties, which had been as high as $113,000 at the peak of the Daftar Slot JOKER128’s popularity, dropped to below $37,000 by 1937, 


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