Short Film Screenplays

Screenplay Writers
1 I'll Tell You When You're Older Andy Epsilantis
2 Folies of War Kesari Bhattacharya
3 Gateway to Heaven Sebastien Gaspar-Woods
4 I'll Tell You When You're Older Andy Epsilantis
5 Season Ivo Ivo Meyer Jed
6 KYUN Shourya Lal
7 The Old Man Leon Bell
8 Restless Mortuary ERIC su
9 Quarantine is Over Matheus Rodrigues
10 The Nature of the Beast Monika Naidoo
11 Scandal Katarzyna Adamus
12 To Win Somebody's Heart CJ Minifee
13 Maybe I'll Be Brave Sam Gill
14 A WEEK BETWEEN US Rayia Banjar
15 5 Molly Cole
16 Let Me Read With You K.C. Connolly
17 Craze Kalos Tapia Salinas
18 Choro Kalos Tapia Salinas
19 The Write Type Carina Faz
20 Before Sunrise Julia L. Rosengren
21 A Glass House Charles Strider
22 Preludium Fernando André
24 Dog Day Morning Emiliano d'Avila
25 ZEDA THE HUNTER Alexandru Ranta
26 The Last Revolt Tina Steffan
27 The Sculpture Lucas de Morais
jade jaguar award

Jade Jaguar Awards

Our amazing jury consisted of industry professionals and some of the best critics, directors, designers, musicians and actors able to award the best audiovisual works with Jade Jaguar.


Producers, Directors, Filmmakers

For the Jade Jaguar Cinema Festival , we are looking for innovative and compelling films, characters that surprise and challenge, words that pop off the page, and narratives that turn live. Submit your movie now!

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Features, shorts, documments, animated

The Jade Jaguar Awards may be given by the festival in recognition of outstanding achievements in filmmaking in each categories: Screenplay, Narrative features, Short films, Animation, Experimental, Documentary, Music videos, Webseries, Food films and Family friendly features.

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We are so happy and excited for all of the screenplay submited for the festival. The Jade Jaguar recognizes and honors screenwrites who demonstrate excellence in the creativity and technique. By awarding these outstanding scripts, the Jade Jaguar strives to support and inspire emerging screenwrites and to foster growth and education in the art and science of scripts. Submit your script!


27, R. Gen. Labatut - Barris, Salvador - BRAZIL