Our organization is concerned with the sustainability of the planet. We are interested in bringing this problem into the festival. Issues such as global warming, waste, the environment, deforestation, fires, animal trafficking, biopiracy, recycling and other relevant topics that involve sustainability are of interest to the debate.

Jade Jaguar emphasizes this in the selection of films, debates and reflections that take place during the festival in parallel with the exhibitions. Even our award, represented by Jaguar, symbolizes all these issues, where we emphasize the importance of preserving the environment, especially fauna, with the growing number of animals at risk of extinction and, unfortunately, the already extinct, which cause so much impact unimaginable.

The increasing environmental changes caused by men, such as deforestation and hunting, are the main causes of the ecosystem imbalance. We always hear a lot about the threat of deforestation, burning and agribusiness and their harmful effects on the environment. And not so much about the ecological imbalance caused by the extinction of animal species.

Jaguar is the symbol of the ecosystem's role of fauna

sustainability jade jaguar film festival

Each animal has a space and a function in nature. Therefore, the extinction of some species causes an imbalance for their ecosystem. Both in Brazil and in the rest of the world, several animals are in the process of extinction. They are of fundamental importance for the balance of the planet, however human behavior in recent decades is a threat to its ecosystem. This is the time to reverse the loss of biodiversity that plagues our planet.

Jaguar or Onça-pintada is a symbol of Brazilian biodiversity that is threatened with extinction. It is a species of mammal, the largest found in the Americas. Jaguar was named as the symbol of biodiversity! Being at the top of the food chain and need large preserved areas to survive, Jaguar is an indicator of environmental quality. Ensuring Jaguar's survival is critical to the integrity of ecosystems.

The increasing environmental changes caused by man, such as deforestation and hunting, are the main causes of the decrease in Jaguar's population. In Brazil, Jaguar is on the list of endangered species in different criticality for each biome. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, they have been extinct for approximately 70 years. A worldwide survey of the species found that half of the Jaguars, in their original areas of distribution, have already been exterminated.

“The jaguar occurs between Argentina and Mexico, but 25% of the jaguars on the continent are in Brazil”.

Leandro Silveira, Biologist

At BioParque do Rio, the jaguar is part of the population plan and will be present in conservation research projects. Despite the existence of jaguar conservation projects, 80% of the places where jaguars exist, such as conservation areas, parks and reserves, the populations of animals are so small that their reproduction is threatened.

Imbalance affects the whole of society

sustainability jade jaguar film festival

"The imbalance of biodiversity, at first, will be left for rural producers who are unable to manage the problem. Subsequently, for the environment. The management of species in agricultural production areas needs to be done so that the jaguar does not become the plague".

Leandro Silveira, Biologist

Mitigating the impacts we cause to the environment is not only taking care of the flora, but also taking care of the fauna. Without this care, we would not be taking care of biodiversity properly.

Organization's Proposals

sustainability jade jaguar film festival

Our values ​​define us. They reflect who we are. That is why we always think about how we can help the planet by living up to the best principles for sustainability. The Organization proposes to reduce the use of materials during the administration, production and holding of its events, including paper, by reusing as many materials as possible; acquire products in a conscious manner, giving priority to recycled products, reducing the impact of raw materials removed from the environment.

Companies and organizations, as well as people, are beginning to reflect on the importance of being accountable for their social and environmental contributions, and it is increasingly easy to see how we are making a difference. Therefore, we also invite you to reflect and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

We are confident that sustainability will become increasingly accepted worldwide. In addition, we have a responsibility to help change things for the better. We can and are willing to help to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Jade Jaguar Awards

Our amazing jury consisted of industry professionals and some of the best critics, directors, designers, musicians and actors able to award the best audiovisual works with Jade Jaguar.


Producers, Directors, Filmmakers

For the Jade Jaguar Cinema Festival , we are looking for innovative and compelling films, characters that surprise and challenge, words that pop off the page, and narratives that turn live. Submit your movie now!

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Features, shorts, documments, animated

The Jade Jaguar Awards may be given by the festival in recognition of outstanding achievements in filmmaking in each categories: Screenplay, Narrative features, Short films, Animation, Experimental, Documentary, Music videos, Webseries, Food films and Family friendly features.

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We are so happy and excited for all of the screenplay submited for the festival. The Jade Jaguar recognizes and honors screenwrites who demonstrate excellence in the creativity and technique. By awarding these outstanding scripts, the Jade Jaguar strives to support and inspire emerging screenwrites and to foster growth and education in the art and science of scripts. Submit your script!


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