Frequently Asked Question


1. How do I sign up?
For the first time, the submissions will be accepted by Filmfreeway.

2. Can I send my film via post?
We are not accepting applications by post. Online registration only through the filmfreeway platform.

3. Is there a limit to the number of registrations I can make?
No. There is no limit on the number of registrations. Each filmmaker can register as many works as he wants.

4. Can I submit a work in more than one category?
Yes. As long as the work falls into more than one category, yes.

5. Do you have deadlines?
Yes. We have deadlines during all editions. Deadlines are on assigning deadlines. Access here.

6. How long do your decisions take?
Decisions typically take 3 to 5 months. We always notify subscribers via email or, this year, through the filmfreeway platform.

7. At what point in my project should I register?
You can upload at any stage of production, from development to post-production, as long as your film conveys some vision for a finished film.

8. What kind of film can I submit? We are open to independent fiction and non-fiction films, feature films, short films, animation, documentaries, video, experimental music and series episodes, which exhibit an artistic cinematic language, effective narrative, originality and viability, contemporary cultural relevance and potential to reach and connect with the target audience.

9. Is there a submission fee?
Yes. Fee information, on the festival page on the Filmfreeway platform. Access here.

10. Who can apply?
Independent filmmakers who make fiction or non-fiction films from anywhere in the world can submit their films.

11. Does my film need to be new at festivals?
There is no premiere policy for films, they may have been shown at other Festivals and/or online.

12. Do I need subtitle?
Subtitles are not required to subscribe films in English, Spanish or Portuguese. For films in other languages, subtitles in English, Spanish or Portuguese are required for the curator's evaluation. The caption can also be sent separately to submit@jadejaguar.org or made available for download.


1. Do you accept screenplay?
Yes. We accept scripts, only short films.

2. Do screenplay need to be formatted?
Yes. The scripts must be formatted correctly using some of the formatting known to the film industry.

3. How many pages should my screenplay have?
The screenplay should be approximately 1-30 pages long.

4. What language can I submit my screenplay for?
The screenplay must be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Terms & Rules

For answers to the most commonly asked questions about submitting projects to the Festival, access and read our Terms & Rules, before you begin the process.

Terms & Rules
jade jaguar award

Jade Jaguar Awards

Our amazing jury consisted of industry professionals and some of the best critics, directors, designers, musicians and actors able to award the best audiovisual works with Jade Jaguar.


Producers, Directors, Filmmakers

For the Jade Jaguar Cinema Festival , we are looking for innovative and compelling films, characters that surprise and challenge, words that pop off the page, and narratives that turn live. Submit your movie now!

making movie

Features, shorts, documments, animated

The Jade Jaguar Awards may be given by the festival in recognition of outstanding achievements in filmmaking in each categories: Screenplay, Narrative features, Short films, Animation, Experimental, Documentary, Music videos, Webseries, Food films and Family friendly features.

making screenplay


We are so happy and excited for all of the screenplay submited for the festival. The Jade Jaguar recognizes and honors screenwrites who demonstrate excellence in the creativity and technique. By awarding these outstanding scripts, the Jade Jaguar strives to support and inspire emerging screenwrites and to foster growth and education in the art and science of scripts. Submit your script!


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