Plans for 2021

jade jaguar film festival 2021 banner


These past few months have not been common, there are very few certainties in these uncertain times. Our mission with independent filmmakers and films continues. And we’ve never forgotten everything we’ve done so far in all these years.

We are planning our 2021 festival, mainly with regard to the safety of our audience, employees, volunteers, filmmakers. In addition, we also have to deal with the government, laws, decrees that were created due to the pandemic. Public and private spaces for holding previous events are other factors.

Planning becomes more and more important and time becomes shorter and shorter. However, what keeps us going are all the beautiful works of all the artists, filmmakers, screenwriters, musicians, actors that we are receiving for our festival and awards.

We highlight all the bold works that involve a lot of hard work, complex production and that express through important, difficult and relevant themes the best of the most prominent visions of cinema and audiovisual.

We are considering carrying out the 2021 edition online and that is why we inform all filmmakers who submitted their work and intended to participate in our event in person. Normally, at this time of year, we would have already closed all planning for the next edition, including spaces. However, nothing is certain, and could not, in the face of this exceptional situation.

We can not fail to mention also, how a global health crisis and an economic crisis directly influences the planning with supporters, volunteers, donors and sponsors of the festival. Which will require even more creativity and adaptations.

But, rest assured, none of this will prevent us from holding the 2021 edition of the Jade Jaguar Cinema Festival. So, with that, we started to imagine all the possibilities for the festival. A respectful edition of the public health situation, responsive to the moment and reinvented. Thus, we will continue to do what we do and we always try to do: a unique celebration of cinema, audiovisual and independent music.

Thank you and all the best,

Jade Jaguar Team